Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Maids daily life

Our male maid ironing in front of me - must be a bit humilating?

Today some impressions from the daily life of our maids. These were collected over the last weeks.

In the morning, i cam just from the shower, how nice our male maid is cleaning the house...
As you see keeping the house clean is one on the main duties of our maids, should i do that? :)

It was time to get dressed. Our male maid still is a bit clumsy with the garters, normally i should think males have enoug experiences with it. But maybe the cage on a private part of the maid is a reason that he becomes nervous.

Now to my ladies maid, as she is mostly good behaving there is not so much reason for any stories about her here. But this time it was time for some punishment.

We discoverd that the maids were a bit lazy with general cleaning of the house. And as maria learns to become a trophy wife (you remember it from before) it  was time to learn her something about maids have to be treated. I explained her how to use the cane, as you can see on this picture.

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