Thursday, January 23, 2014

Long Isand Staylace Association is always worth a visit!

There is one website that is always worth a vistit: Long Island Staylace Associtation - it will suprise you always with some stunning informations on really get laced in i am not so much in pictures, it will give you some stunning interesting things to discover...

Besides some pictures you will find there if you look a little bit deeper on that website everything you know how to achive a stunning waist:

Excerpt from a corset-related newspaper posting, proffered by Stephen K.:

Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle, 5th of November 1907

“If you want to get on, lace tightly.” This is the advice to girls in business given by a “lady secretary.” Writing to a London morning paper, she says:— “I was in an office with about twenty girls for three or four years—just one of the crowd. One winter, on the advice of a friend, I commenced tight lacing. My slack twenty-four-inch waist I laced into nineteen inches at once, and found the sensation delightful. More than this,
I soon saw my figure was attracting attention. I was called in by the manager to do some special work. That was the beginning. Now I am
receiving many compliments, and £4 a week and a bonus at Christmas. So my advice is: Don’t spend your money on fancy blouses and cheap jewellery, but on really good corsets and plain, well-fitting bodices and skirts.”

Look at Staylace!

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