Monday, January 27, 2014

Kink Meme, Day 8

First of all, you know how I got this whole meme idea from The Spanking Resource? Well now Amylyn is doing it too. Go check out her answers!

On to the next one: "Post a kinky image you find erotic."

So many erotic images available, so many styles and scenes, and I'm supposed to pick just one?
But I can't just give you a scroll-down of hundreds of images, either. So I'll give you a handful.

I like this picture because it's a reminder that things you find around the house can be also be used for kink. Jewelry can turn into great bondage material; even a hairbrush can become a lethal weapon against a soft, sensitive ass in the right person's hand. I look at this picture, and I can create a whole story behind that necklace. Maybe she was told not to buy it, that it was too expensive, and she bought it anyway against her Dom's wishes? And now it's going to take part in her punishment.
This picture was actually in the running for the cover of a story I'm writing, part of the next Bentmoore collection. I think the image is beautiful, and powerful, and to me, more than a little haunting. You can't help but wonder how long it took to tie her up in such an intricate way, and how she must have felt, lying there while it was done. Or how she must feel now, when she's bound and stuck and can't even see the camera taking her picture. And yet, there is love in the knots, too: she's not bound particularly tightly or painfully.

I love the intensity in this man's eyes. When a Dom is coming towards you with a length of chain wrapped around his hands, that's how he should look. You know he has something in store for you, something you can't fully contemplate, at least not yet, not until he wants you to. There's nothing you can do about it, nowhere to go, no where he can't reach you. He will get that chain around you, and then he'll have his hands free to do whatever he wants to you.

This one doesn't tell a story or anything. I just like a picture of a beautiful ass.

There are lots of pictures on sites like istockphoto and deviantart. Not to mention on private sites, blogs, etc etc. Island of Pain has a whole category of BDSM art, and it's some really amazing stuff, like this:
So go check them out!
And on that note, I'm done.

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