Friday, January 24, 2014

FOLSOM! In Pictures!

Yesterday was an amazing day. I got to see friends, make some new ones, check out the sites, watch some scenes, and learn a lot of new stuff. I also got to buy a lot of stuff, as you'll see below.
(I also caught a cold. I personally think I caught this cold from Husband, who has been coughing and sneezing for the past three days, and not from Folsom. But I've decided it might be wiser for now to claim I caught it at Folsom, after the conversation Husband and I had this morning, which went something like this:
Me: You gave me your cold. This is non-consentual sharing, and I don't appreciate it.
Him: No, I didn't give you my cold. If anything, you stole it from me. You took it from me without permission, so if I see any sign the cold you have is mine, I won't be happy. 
At which point he gave me That Look, which you probably know what I'm talking about. So...we're going with "I caught a cold at Folsom.")

And now! On to the pictures! Captions are on the bottom.

When I got to Folsom, the street was nice and empty.
People were still setting up.

I headed over to Wicked Grounds for some coffee, but
ended up saying hi to some friends, instead.
Then it was time to scope the place out.
The ponies tend to come out early for their strolls, while there's
still room to walk.
People were already getting flogged. You PAY to get flogged there. The money
goes to charity, of course.
This was one of the funniest things I saw at the Fair. This guy got a
phone call in the middle of the scene, and ANSWERED HIS PHONE.
As he's talking, he's just kinda rubbing and slapping the woman's butt, and she's moaning.
Then he's like, "yeah, well, I'm flogging someone, gotta go, bye," and
continues with the scene. It was hysterical.
Then I started to do my shopping. I thought these were cute.
This booth was amazing. Ah-may-zing.
Then it was time to start taking in the locals.
This couple was cute.
Can I just say, SOO many hot guys? SOO many.
But there were plenty of hot women there, too.
(The cock in the photo is completely gratuitous.)

Some pony traps were still on the street, but not many.
The crowd was starting to build up.
One of these people is my RL friend.
Many of the booths were not from stores, but were put up by organizations, clubs,
websites, and the like. I can't remember what this booth
was for, but they had the best props.
Ring Around the Cock game. The pics of STDS on the
wall were something of a buzz-kill.
This booth was offering waxes. As you can see, someone
took them up on it. The guy started really pushing me to try it
though, and I got pissed off at his attitude and left. 
This was for a Shibari organization. The rope work they were doing
was beautiful.
At this point, the crowds were really starting to build, and
not all the scenes going on were at the booths. A lot of spontaneous play
going on in the street.
I decided it was time to get serious with my shopping,
but kept getting distracted by all the funny things I saw .
Like Fetish Dog.
And Naughty Teddy. 
I REALLY thought this woman was a
mannequin until she smiled. She had been so still before that.
At this point, the crowds were getting insane. You couldn't
walk two feet without rubbing against someone's ass, which was often naked.
I decided it was time to call it quits, but on my way out, I checked out's street space. They always have a huge space with a
big stage. Lots of good stuff to watch. I'm sure I missed some good
scenes, but I was tired.
This one was funny. This woman was really good with the crowd. stars, I guess. I don't know who they are.
When I got home, I laid out all the stuff I bought at the Fair,
and admired it lovingly.
What I bought at the Fair:
  1. A black leash
  2. A matching black collar
  3. "Thuddy Sticks"
  4. A knotted flogger
  5. A large rubber flogger with serrated edges
  6. A printed leather flogger
  7. A soft flogger with anal-insertive handle
  8. An impression paddle that says "SLUT"
  9. An anal hook
  10. A speculum
What I wish I had bought, and now regret passing up:
  1. The matching black cuffs that went with the collar and leash
  2. The two other sized speculums they had, one smaller and one bigger than the one I got
  3. The two glass butt plugs I admired for a long time (I couldn't decide which one to buy, and thought I'd think on it and come back, but I never did. Now I realize I should have just bought both.)

Things I saw but ended up not buying:
  1. A jeweled butt plug. It was lovely, but $75 bucks. 
  2. A hitachi wand. 
  3. A violet wand. Can I just say, OUCH. I know not everyone gets a shock out of it, but I sure do.
  4. A chainmail collar. It was beautiful, but the guy selling them was an asshole. He quoted me $40 bucks, but then said he'd bring the price down in return for sexual favors. I couldn't tell if he was kidding or not, but he was so crass, I walked away.
So that's it. I have other pictures, like of the guy I saw behind a booth, wearing a yarmulke. I was so taken aback, I asked to take his picture. He wished me a "shana tova," (a good year, because it's the Jewish new year) and I said, "you know we're all going to hell, right?" He said, "no we're not, and I know this, because I'm a Rabbi." It was just so funny.

Can't wait till next year's Folsom. 

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