Friday, January 24, 2014

Diary of a maids life (2)

Of course the maid has some duties, maybe a lot in the house. Caring for the laundry is one part of it. From the excellent washing of the laundry up to the ironing. All clothes from the Lady of the house, and the several debutants need a carefully daily treatment.

Poor maid, today she was a bit forgetfull. A bit earlier, she was catched still wearing her dress from some free time she had at the friday evening. Of course the right maid attires, is important for a maid, to know her role and be visibile to everyone as servant.

The Headmistress decided on some punishment for her. 2 hours strictly tied up into a hogtied position with a stiff spreader bar at her ankle will let her learn the lesson to be dressed in the right way in the future.

While the Headmistress decided to relax a bit on a lounger the poor maid still has to be restrained, badly the headmistress starts to tease her and make her helpless situation more prominent.

More to come....

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