Friday, January 24, 2014

Diary of a feminization - Weeks 1-3

If you have a look on my lists of interests, you will find the term forced feminization. What is that? Mainly a controlled change of a guy to a girl. There are several ways to achive that - and can become quite a long process. The best way for achiving the goal to make from a guy a perfect well mannerd lady is to include some regression. So to raise the one completly new. Of course the subject is still adult, but to experience the changes completly it could be helpfull to educate the subject completly new and give the guy a different dress than boy clothing.

With one of my properties i started this process a few weeks ago. Before we start the education - he was the "normal" guy - that tries to capture every female skirt as soon as he has seen it. We changed the male hair, let it grow and make some nice pigtails out of it. Give him (further called her) a pacifer, a diaper to use and for the first weeks a harness to asure that the way of movement is only controlled. She has done well, if there must be a lot of humilating moments to be dressed like that, the first 3 weeks - you see her at my private beach playing in a sandbox.

The dress she is wearing comes from Dirty Dollies and is a freebe welcome pack! The baby harness is from Taggs Little Diaper Center, includes Open Collar Scripts - Price: 100L$.

I will report further of the progress she makes in the next weeks.

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