Monday, January 27, 2014

Diary of a feminization - Week 8-9

  Funny how time flies....and we all get older...even our subject of femination. She visits now the second class, after sucessfully manage the 1st class. And slowly but surly a more lady like education starts, but also always in a rule of strict routine of the schoolday - every day starts with an enema, to be sure that all students are healthy and clean, especially when they were diapers. Some additional thing comes to it in 2nd class, education happens by a (maybe dirty) nun - to asure that is a strict and modest education. And happily this sommer nun school is also attedented by some other students. You see both a little bit uncomfortable reciving there morning enema on the picture. More on the education in 2nd and 3 class of my school will follow later.

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