Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bimbo again.....

After several Postings of Vintage Themes, today something else. One of my properties - Chrissi - really likes the idea to be a Bimbo. After several other things inbetween she likes to return to this role. From my experience with it there are in general 2 different kinds of Bimbo's in Second Live, surely a bit generalized: 1. Males that like to be quickly entertained in a different Avatar 2. Females, mostly very intelligent and selfconfident in RL, that want to have the feeling to be dumb and experience some kind of humilation through living out this role. Whatever the reason or the kink maybe to live a live as needy, often blonde and more or less dumb girl, there are some that like to live in this way. I would in general not call that a BDSM livestyle my the way. Besides it could be in the experience quite masochistic. And of course if you include some Teacher (typically a mistress or master) as Guide for the right Bimbo-Behaviour it could have some D/s part in it. Besides some (mostly) Masters like to degrade a submissive woman into this role, for me personally this is not a part of it, maybe more a male fantasy. On the first picture you see Chrissi in her Bikini on the beach of my place - B-Parade. The Bikini comes from a shop called Ravishing Racks  called Ravishing Racks Pink Bikini - Price 99L$.

As every Fetish also this fetish is not easy to describe. In General a Bimbo is a woman, that is typically blonde, and not only her hair is, also they tend to be less on intelligence. The main instinct that rules there live is the instinct for having sex, in any thinkable form, regardless if its straight, lesbian or whatever. Bimbo's tend to have a improved body, not necessary but often included, are improved breasts through implants. Cosmetic surgery to lips, nose, butt is also common. Even the removal of some ribs for getting a tighter waist. Eye surgery to have a more doll look like view is also know. Besides that heavy use of cosmetics, perfume (mostly the cheap sweet smelling style), jewlery (cheap plastic one, big hoops for the ears etc.) is common.

For clothing a Bimbo prefers normally short slutty looking miniskirts. Besides a bimbo will never decline a request from someone to dress in any special way. Heels have to be extremly high. Also some shortening operation to ligaments for getting a permanent stretched feet were recorded.

The second picture shows Chrissi at Cum Sluts City in such a short skirt. Could be that she forgets the panty of course in the morning - Bimbos tend to forget such things easyly.The Mini-Skirt comes from Aqua Kisses called Cream Stripes Wool Mini Skirt. Price 150L$. One SL technical word to the kind of dresses. As the size of Breasts are limited, limted from a bimbo perspectice of course, the use of differen primattached Implants is common. There are several good ones on the market. Chrissi uses implants from Implant Nation. Maybe i will have a post on the several implants that are available later. Heels on this picture coming from N-Core called Eterneity Dots Edition. It is the actual N-Core Group Gift, so available for 0L$.

As mentioned besides the classical short slutty dress, use of other dresses, like maid dresses, latex or even schoolgirl is typical. Surely a Bimbo never likes school for the orginal intention to become clever and more educated. But good school, college or universty results for bimbos often come with other activites than learning, bimbos will practice while in class :)

The implant ready schooluniform is from Nanami Design. Schoolgirls Uniform in Red - Price 450L$. Picture taken at Hard Alley.

The favourite colour of Bimbos is often pink. Does someone knows the reason? Maybe because its so dolly like. And bimbos feel like objects often, even they do not become aware often. Objectification is by the way another fetish that could be come together with the Bimbo Lifestyle. This Skirt at and Top are from Whimsy's Closet  called Netty Girl. To a perfect bimbo cheap price of L$69. Garters from Lingerie by Hollie. Price: L40$. 11'' Plateau Heels, the prefered height for a bimbo from VVB. The same shoe is not available anymore because the models are changed to a Alpha Layer Version. But for sure you will find something equal there. Picture taken at XXX Slut Alley.

For some further insight in the Bimbo Livestyle here some definitons i found on the web.

Defintion from a anonymous Bimbo that pleases her master with her livestyle:

"So that master can mold.body have big lips and wear sexy outfits eat cum all the time and crave cock a lot my new master is going to give surgery so I can my tits can be lifted their a breast surgery even if their they call it the corset breast so that your tits can be lifted if you all ready have big ones but ill also be useing my body fat.I am a curvy women my master knows I'm not just doing this for him but to make me a little happy I have little pug under my belly I've wanted my belly to look like it use to I have lost weight.he has made my dreams come true its not bad being a bimbo I see the others girls I want to be like them it has nothing to do with image I just want to be hot my hole life he loves showing me off.every girl and master is diffrent mabee you don't want your body changed you can always just wear a lot of make up wear a wig or wear the tight clothes and weae high heels I love wearing high heels"  Chrissi wears on the picture taken at a mostly empty place called Slut Alley ..a top from Boobie Tops. The hot pants coming from LeeZu! . Shoes from Stiletto Moody called Bare Katherine (Silver Diamante) - Price L$1299.

And as Pink is the favourite colour. Here a pink skirt from JJ Design. Heels from N-Core again - called Illusion. Price: 699L$. Picture taken at as Chrissi told me a place where a Bimbo is quickly satisfied called Easy Street.

Another definition from the Net. This time from a male:

"I love bimbos because a bimbo always wants to please her man from her looks to the bed room as well as bringing fun and beauty into his life. Having a bimbo on your arm is like having the best piece of jewlery ever on your arm, every one notices and she just shines. Its fun to see your friends and other girls be jealous of your bimbo. A bimbos other big goal in life other than pleasing her guy is making everything pretty and I love the simplicity of that."

And one from another Bimbo:

"When you google "Bimbo" you see women with outrageous big breast, platinium bonde hair, witch nails and who sometimes seem to be like freaky decadences. You might asked to yourself how do normal women could go so far and above all how could men appreciate these kind of transformation... I will try to explain you this fetish and how I understand and like it.
A lot of men like to turn their wives into sluts, training them to beg for cock, to crave for it, to take it in the ass, to act like pornstar, to become their perfect wet dream etc... the more often they keep that kind of roleplays in their bedroom. But sometimes, some of these guys want to push the game through their door house and make their wives not beign only a bed slut but a real 24/7 whore. This fetish is a lot about humiliation because those bimbo owner want to show to everyone the real wet dream that walk to their side. At this point you will understand that a Bimbo is nothing more than a sexual object. So they have to live in a sexual manner. Every thing a bimbo do must refer to sex. How to fuck like a slut is quite easy to guess but it become interesting when you try to figure out how to eat like a slut, laugh like a slut, giggle like a slut etc... Being a Bimbo is not just about assuming a sexy outfit. It is more about turning every thing of your daily life even little details into sexual references.

And yes there are some that follow this livestyle in RealLife. For me personally i dont see this as my fetish, but i like to help girls to become perfect. And a bit i like the humilation part of it...more on this topic maybe sometimes later....

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