Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back to the 20s?

I was never so much addicted to the style of the 20s. May sounds strange ... it was a time of female freedom, and the first time after long years where woman have some liberty to do what they like. Of course also only a few. And the picture of that time we all have is mostly not right, because it was besides of a few years ruled by financial crisisies we even dont imagine today, besides all that minor things that happens in the last years...

But however the 1920s were a time that was outstanding, even you dont like the fashion, it was free from a lot of restrictions that were existing before, and especially later...

So thats a good reason to join us in your best 1920s dress on the July 6th at 6AM PDT at Victorian Discipline for some time of fun in a unrestricted atmosphere (maybe only short)

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