Thursday, January 30, 2014

A bit of shopping

Yes again some shopping results from the last days. First one is a early 60s wiggle dress from Vita Bella Vintage Fashion   - yes indeed there is some similarty to the famous dresses from Joan Holloways Dresses out of Mad Men. The dress is called Holly Wiggle Dress, and slo available in Navy, Violet and Red. Pric 299 L$.

And as i was in shopping mood i get me some new more classical High Heels from VVB Stiletto Heels. Maybe not so classical with a 6 inch heel: Court 6 inch in Black available for 250 L$

 This black dress, which makes everybody slim :), comes from a new discovery: Agnes Finney--My Precious - which has a lot of more stunning creations. The dress itself is black nothing, best work without any underware. Around 700 Lindens and called Annette.

 Agnes Eileen ist the name of this knee lengt dress also from Agnes Finney also around 700 Lindens. As mentioned in that shop you will find a lot of more creations, i had to TP away quickly not to get bankrupt in short time.

Last but not least a nice late 40s, earlies 50s, tight skirt from Ivalde called Roberta for 300L$. I like a especially the hat with the little neat net in front, that and thats not self-evident matches perfectly...

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